power bank anker powercore 15600

Anker PowerCore 15600 is a compact power bank for portable devices. The model provides two USB outputs with a current of 4.8 A. The ANKER PowerCore power bank has an excellent charging speed and a high battery capacity.

power bank anker powercore 15600 review

Before purchasing Anker PowerCore 15600, we recommend that you carefully review all of its features. This is necessary to clearly understand the possibilities of the device. If the parameters of this product suit all the tasks, then the next step is to read reviews about it, examine the prices and then choose an online store and buy. Average price: $30.


Anker PowerCore 15600 has a compact size and a convenient shape and fits even in your pocket. You can take it with you on any trip. PowerCore 15600 has the shape of an elongated rectangle with rounded edges. The case is made of durable matte plastic.

design anker powercore 15600

There are LED lamps on the upper part, which are responsible for indicating the level of charge. The model has two USB ports for charging devices and a micro USB port to replenish its own charge. All ports are located on the side of a flat face.

Excellent Charging Speed

The powerful and fastest among all portable batteries the Anker Power Core 15600 mAh power bank is equipped with high-quality and high-technology elements, allowing you to charge your gadget twice as fast as usual, thanks to the iQ 3.0 charge transfer index. Never worry about the fact that you don’t have time to charge!

excellent charging speed anker powercore 15600

Super-High Capacity

Anker PowerCore 15600 has a capacity of 15’600 mAh, so that this accessory will provide a full charge of various portable gadgets. This capacity is enough to fully charge 5 times the iPhone 6s, 4 times – Galaxy S6, 1 time – iPad Air 2.

super high capacity anker powercore 15600

Charging speed and number of complete cycles are calculated individually for each smartphone and tablet. The output power is 4.58 A, which allows charging gadgets twice as fast. No other power bank can boast of such a huge amount of energy placed in a small case. Exclusive combination of technologies PowerIQ and VoltageBoost provides the fastest charging of any device. (Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 is not supported, for this Anker offers a 24W PowerDrive + 1 charger).

Improved reliability

The battery is equipped with surge protectors, shock-resistant case, and maintains its performance at temperatures ranging from -40 to +158 F.

improved reliability anker powercore 15600


  • Compact size
  • High capacity
  • Current strength of 8 А
  • Two USB ports for charging


  • Android
  • iOS

Full specifications

Capacity 15600 mAh
Two devices charge Yes
Laptop charge No
Card reader No
Flashlight No
Solar battery No
Number of USB ports 2
Universal output jack No
Power-supply jack micro USB
Input voltage (V) 5
Input current (А) 2
Built-in battery type Li-Ion
AC adapter included No
Car adapter included No
Apple 8 pin adapter (Lightning) No
Apple 30 pin adapter No
micro USB adapter No
mini USB adapter No
Nokia jack adapter No
Short circuit protection No
Overvoltage load protection No
Overheat control No
Case included No
Moisture-proof case No
Shockproof case Yes
Dimensions (mm) 166 x 58 x 22
Charge indicator Yes
Case material Plastic
Weight (g) 341

*product information may be changed or updated by the manufacturer without notice.

What’s in the box

  • Anker PowerCore 15600 power bank
  • Charging cable
  • Documentation

whats in the box anker powercore 15600

How does it work?

Charge the power bank before use. There is a micro USB cable in the package for this. You can charge the power bank both through the computer and through an ordinary outlet. Then you need to click on the power button and connect your smartphone or tablet to the USB port.

Anker PowerCore 15600 Power Bank Customer Reviews


100% will buy. Why?

1) This is an American brand

2) The interior of the PB is from Sony (motherboard) and Panasonic (batteries)

3) ! The main argument for me! 50% factory charge of each model of their PB. This ensures the safety of li-ion batteries no matter how long they were stored before purchase without using.

Pluses: Quality

Minuses: No.


One of the best PB that I had. Working like a Swiss watch every day for a couple of months – there are no complaints at all.

Separately, I want to mention the case – very effectively protects the battery even when it falls and is pleasant to the touch.

Pluses: A super case.

Minuses: No.