Portable Chargers 9000 RAVPower 9000mAh External Battery Pack (with AC Plug, iPhone MFI Certified, Built-in iPhone Lightning Connector) External Battery Pack iSmart Broad Compatibility, Fast Charging


Manufacturer: RAVPower


Built-in Apple Lightning Connector: The built-in Apple Lightning Connector has been licensed by Apple so it is 100% compatible with your Apple devices and it means you don’t need to bring an extra cable Easy Charge With The Built-in Wall Plug: Built-in wall plug for charging with any power outlet USB output is 1A & Lightning output is 2.4A – this means you can have incredible charging speeds up to 3.4A Massive 9000mAh Power Capacity: With a 9000mAh battery you can charge an iPhone 7 & iPhone 6 almost three and a half times, iPhone 7 Plus about 2 times, a Galaxy S5 over twice, a Note III almost twice, or an iPad Mini 3 once from any location. Can be charged over 500 times without the battery losing effectiveness Exclusive iSmart Technology: Detects the optimal charging current your device needs then supplies it (i.e. delivers a 1A charge for phones that have 1A charging input) Protection Guarantee: This portable charger will automatically shut down if a short circuit or overload output occurred while unit is charging. Scratch-resistant finish paint leaves it in prime condition so it always looks its best