Fritesla 20000mah Power Bank 4USB Portable Charger for Smartphones (Green)


Manufacturer: FRITESLA


Power of Bear:It can charge your iPhone 7 for ten times. With such a power bank on hand, you will never feel like a starving bear with a dead phone. Speed of panther: We’ve got only 24 hours in a day, how dare we waste a couple of hours on waiting? 2.0 quick charger technology, juice up your phone in an hour. We cheer up your life with a charging speed like a panther. Co-operation of wolf: Life should never be a life alone. With four USB outlet, you can charge 4 phones at the same time, easier to get close with friends, share your happiness together. Flexibility of fox: Nobody likes heaviness, just like nobody hates handiness. With same amount of juice, we shrink 20% of its bulk which makes your life a lot easier in your pocket. Sight of the eagle: Lighting up the dark night and breaking through the vast road ahead. It is the LED light makes moving forward possible. Without LED light, without hope in the darkness.