Mogix Cell Phone Portable Charger – Slim Lightweight 5000mAh External Battery – Smart Universal Fast Charging 2.5A Power Bank (Black)


Manufacturer: Mogix


-»If you’re looking for a portable charger that’ll fill up an iPad a few times then this really isn’t the battery backup for you – i.e. the iPad Air battery size is 8820 mAh vs this 5000mAh unit. But if filling up your Galaxy 7 or iPhone 5 a few times fits your emergency power needs then please…Read On! -»We want you to know, this isn’t a Qualcomm quick charge device, but boy she can fill-er-up fast! We invite you to try out our safe 2.5A output and 2A input USB friendly charge &gt Charging times vary but generally 20 to 100% within 30 to 45 minutes – why pay more when you can get 2.5A flowing fast. -»The #1 reason you want us for your portable power needs is our pack won’t weigh you down – just 3.5oz + our unique design can’t be beat measuring 4”x 2.3 x .4 = so slim and smooth, it’s made to fit comfortably in your pocket! We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with it’s light weight easy to use design. ¦We love to travel and have been inspired by the light packer…you know the guy or gal that manages to bring only a carry-on for a 2 weeker in Europe. Rest assured, you can be that guy with this unit! Plus it’s airport friendly and works anywhere in the world with your travel adapter. -»This is one of the longest lasting power banks on the market today, that’s why we offer a NO FUSS 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee along with an extended 18mth warranty – that’s right, you don’t have to fill out any form or sign up, it’s automatic! Like thousands of others, make Mogix your next and only external battery charger today!